BEASTS was commissioned to design & build the Christmas tree of Beirut which was placed in the middle of MARTYR Square.

The Christmas tree was 22M high and included an unprecedented decoration that illuminated Beirut’s Downtown for a whole month.

With lights synchronized to Christmas music, BEASTS implemented a first-of-its-kind fully automated light and music show that turned Beirut’s streets and skies into a carnival, making sure to impregnate the heart of Lebanon with the jolliness of Christmas spirit.

In partnership with the Municipality of Beirut, BEASTS inaugurate its Christmas Village in Beirut’s Downtown, in the presence of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the President of the Beirut Municipal Council, ambassadors, media, and officials.

Recreating the world-class scale and feel of Europe’s Christmas fairs, BEASTS reaffirms again its avant-garde vision of a thriving Lebanon. BEASTS brought the concept of Christmas fairs to the heart of Beirut, designing a holistic experience for all ages and categories. A custom-made tent was designed and executed for this special occasion allowing visitor to enjoy a wide range of entertainment under the skies but away from the rain

The one-month unprecedented village allowed the Lebanese to enjoy numerous Christmas activities and attractions such as Christmas parades featuring Santa Clauses, reindeers, and Christmas characters, Christmas carols, music shows, live bands, international acts, kids’ shows, as well as a market showcasing the works of Lebanese designers and a food area with a wide selection of participating restaurants.