صحتك بالدني

24 Feb 19

The concept of the Medical Campaign was born from the Organization’s will to broaden its activities as an NGO and draw a smile on people’s faces, not only through entertainment & festivals, but also through actual provision of care.

The Campaign was launched under the title “صحتك بالدني” under the patronage of the president of the council of ministers H.E. Saad Hariri, promoting public health with the 1st stop being in Akkar – Khuraybit al Jundi, on February 24, 2019.

BEASTS gave free medical consultation in the presence of qualified doctors & nurses, in:
Cardiology including ECG,
& General Health.

Free medication were also given according to the Doctor’s prescriptions ONLY.

Through this FREE consultation, we were able to help 2500 people from which 5 cases required immediate hospitalization. All of which were taken care by our team.

The repercussions of the campaign being highly positive, BEASTS still plans on implementing similar campaigns around Lebanon, in various areas, because we believe every needy person deserves to be taken care of.