01 & 02  September 2017
Master of Dirt

M.O.D is a unique event concept, bringing together the world’s best extreme sports athletes and most spectacular show acts in an action packed arena show. The combination of extreme sports, freestyle action and fascinating show elements delivers 21st century entertainment.

Over the last 13 years we have developed an unique concept to popularize the show and its lifestyle. With over 100 shows in 16 different countries, from sold out indoor venues to festival appearances and entire stadiums, M.O.D had a total of over 1.000.000 live guests so far.

Top of the game. Today Masters Of Dirt is known as the wildest and most spectacular freestyle show worldwide. Athletes, artists, crew & fans all reflect a fast growing global lifestyle scene. That’s why M.O.D stands for much more than just a show, we’re a family.

International reach. Masters Of Dirt is one of the most international action sports events out there and brings together top athletes and performers from all over the globe. Including FMX MTB BMX QUAD SLED BUGGY, fire & circus artists, DJ‘s, pyro technic and UK‘s The Fuel Girls, our show concept attracts all kind of people and creates a wide spread fan community.

M.O.D Athletes. Currently we have 17 of the world‘s top athletes representing our brand in the action sports industry and beyond. Alastair Sayer, Massimo Bianconcini, Matej Cesak, Ales Rozman, Adolf Silva, Nicholi Rogatkin, Pavel Alekhin and Vincent Massardier are just some of our family members. We‘re constantly collaborating with many more international top athletes on our shows, often creating a platform used to execute world records or world‘s first, like Nicholi Rogatkin showing the „Twister“ for the first time this year in Vienna.

Be different. Our fans for sure have one thing in common, they want to experience something different, feel something different, be different. We‘re aiming to blow the minds of all our spectators. In order to do that we always come up with new ideas and show acts while pushing the limits of the sport. „Kids are the future“ is just one good example of how we integrate a new show element to entertain the spectators as well as to broaden our target group.

No limits. We believe that limits are something you put upon yourself. We prefer to let imaginations run wild and be creative in all our professional work, starting from the show concept and the managing & organizational tasks to brand communications and lifestyle. To cooperate even closer with athletes, friends and our global community, we have just released the Masters Of Dirt App this year. To complete the M.O.D lifestyle we as well offer a high quality Fashion and Merchandising collection, where all products are made in Europe.

Masters of what?. Many years of experience in managing and executing such complex action sports and entertainment events, gave us the opportunity to successfully work with a lot of big brands in different countries. For 2016 we have partnered with companies such as Monster Energy, JBL Audio and Abarth. A high communicational level and trusted marketing value are the results of our continuous work and personalized plans for our partners.