Lebanon Makes it on National Geographic’s Top 10 New Year’s Eve Celebrations

02 Jan 19

During 2018’s final moments, thousands of excited tourists and Lebanese from all over the country surrounded the iconic clock tower in Nejmeh Square, in the heart of Beirut under the glimmering, vibrant fireworks to ring in the New Year. Alongside several of the world’s most stunning destinations including New York, London, and Sydney, Lebanon made it on National Geographic’s list of the world’s top 10 New Year’s Eve celebrations.

As stated in the article that ran on December 31, 2018, “Each New Year brings a promise of peace in the capital of formerly war-torn Lebanon.” The heart of the city was once stagnant but thanks to the successful collaboration between BEASTS & the Municipality of Beirut, it regained its position as a stunning attraction to the region and the world.

The extravagant New Year’s celebrations in Nejmeh Square were the Grand Finale to a month-long series of festivities organized by BEASTS (Beirut Events and Street Shows) that kicked off on December 3rd Martyr’s Square, another iconic location in the city. People of all ages from all corners of Lebanon witnessed an unparalleled Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and a Christmas Village full of activities, entertainment, delicious food, and talented local designers that helped boost the country’s economy and remind everyone that Lebanon is a safe, entertaining, and culturally rich destination for people all over the world.

The festivities were open to the public for free, giving all an opportunity to ring in the New Year with vibrant fireworks, live entertainment, over 100 performers and renowned singers, cultural treats, and family-friendly fun. A 360-degree stage surrounded the clock tower giving everyone a perfect vantage point of his or her favorite performers. As the celebrations remained strong during the first few hours of January 1st, many locals and tourists alike adopted an optimistic outlook for 2019 and beyond.