رمضان منور جمعتنا 2019

After the special echoes of the Beirut Christmas Village and the New Year celebrations of 2018, BEASTS announced the launch of its 2019 Ramadan festival - رمضان منور جمعتنا 2019 in partnership with the Municipality of Beirut, between May & June 2019.

Ramadan Village was held at the Municipal Stadium in Beirut, due to its distinctive location, being in the heart of Beirut, and since it offers residents and visitors a new set of activities.

On a daily basis, the Ramadan Village was precedented with Iftarat during the holy month, of 300 people a day, which was mainly sponsored by the UAE Embassy, with evenings comprised of activities to celebrate this holy month and provide an atmosphere of entertainment and joy.

Suhoor meals were also a part of this village, where visitors were able to enjoy Ramadan evenings and experience the exceptional atmosphere of the holy month, as well as the use of the huge theater, through the daily play of children and religious stories about the importance of this holy month.